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The E-Myth

Michael Gerber wrote an amazing book calledĀ The E-Myth. The entrepreneur’s myth is that if you’re good at something, you should go into business doing that thing.

The number one mistake small business owners make is not delegating. They end up getting their time sucked into tasks they don’t enjoy or they’re not good at.

Some things have to be done, like bookkeeping. Unless you enjoy bookkeeping, it’s a long, long, long, painful slog through every minute of bookkeeping. And as your business grows you have to do more and more bookkeeping.

These are the entrepreneurs that prove the saying “only entrepreneurs will leave an $80,000/year job working 40 hours a week to work 80 hours a week and make $40,000/year.” Let’s all get paid less and have less time to spend with people we love doing things we enjoy.

Entrepreneurship done wrong is a rat race. A hamster wheel.

It’s a nightmare.

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The Marketing E-Myth

The number one mistake small business owners make with marketing is treating it like a one time project. One and done. Set and forget.

Eventually, when the wake-up call comes (and it’s often brutal, painful, and EXPENSIVE), thenĀ they realize that marketing is a long term process, not a one time project. Then they go right back to the mistake of not delegating.

Right back to the nightmare on the hamster wheel.

When a small business owner finally feels desperate enough to delegate their marketing process to someone else, they go for the easiest hire possible. A friend or family member or self-proclaimed expert at whatever the current marketing buzzword is.

I’ve even fallen for a few buzzwords and fads. Here’s what I’ve learned: the more they buzz, the more they burn.

Bad hires burn (especially in marketing and sales).

Right back to the nightmare, but now it’s on fire.

Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Blogging for Business, Content Marketing

The Marketing Truth

Here’s the thing. There is nothing new under the sun. But advertising still works. Google is the new yellow pages. Facebook is the new magazine publisher. Every other digital advertising platform is in one of those two categories.

Your website is more than a brochure. It’s a collection of brochures. Every page or post on your site is a brochure. Every social media post is a business card.

It works great if you do it right.

The Choice to Delegate Your Digital Marketing

Are you ready to make a good hire that will save you time and money without burning you? Are you ready to escape your nightmare?

I won’t take your money and run. I won’t leave you hanging. Every meeting we have will end with clear action items to take before the next meeting.

I won’t charge you based on your ad spend (by the way, that’s a common price model in this field and if someone quotes you that way you should RUN – ask me why during our consult call).

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